2006, Celebrating 25 Years In Business
Fire Systems

O.Turner Insulation carry out the design, supply and installation of fire-walls and compartments.

The fire properties of insulated panels have been constantly changing over recent years and having a close working relationship with the major manufacturers keeps O.Turner Insulation at the forefront of fire safe and fireproof installations.

O.Turner Insulation are experienced in the design, supply and installation of firewalls and enclosures in all manner of buildings both within and outside of the food industry.

Our experience in this field enables us to advise on the steelwork requirements for fire installations, which allows clients and their designers to detail complete fire solutions.

Working with fire protection sub contractors we can provide a complete service including flash-over protection at roof and wall junctions, fire stopping to apertures and protection of supporting steelwork.

Many different types of doors can be provided to maintain the fire integrity of walls.